Winterize Your Atlanta Home

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Winterize Your Atlanta Home

Complete These Tasks Before Winter Comes!

We all know the Atlanta has a tendency to be a moderately-weathered city. Still, we don’t always think about what could happen if our weather drastically changed. Georgia is, after all, ranked seventh in the nation for precipitation. In this state, your roof must be in perfect condition to keep your home safe throughout the year. Is your home prepared? If not, you could face dozens of headaches in a single winter season. To help avoid this problem, follow these Winterize tips.

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Cover The Outer Perimeter

If you have outdoor furniture, make sure you store it during the winter season. You could place your furniture in the garage, the basement, or a separate storage unit. Sometimes, neighbors team up and use a single garage for outdoor furniture. Whatever the case, keep your belongings safe. Put your grill, children’s toys, bikes, and furniture in a tidy, warm place for the winter.

Inspect Your Roof

You need to spend some quality time with your roof before the winter season arrives. Look for loose, damaged, or missing pieces. If you have any concerns, get in touch with our team at SRC Select Roofing Consultants for an inspection. We are happy to help repair any major or minor damages before the cold comes.

Caulk Joints and Minor Cracks

You’ll want to ensure your home is properly caulked before autumn ends. Look on exterior walls and siding for possible cracks. If you miss cracks, you’ll have trouble keeping your home heated during the winter, leading to increased utility bills and general frustration.

Look For DeteriorationWinterize Free Roof Estimate Roofing Professionals

Minor problems can be patched to preserve the wood. Larger problems, like scraping and refinishing paint, should be done next spring or early in the summertime. These repairs will need time to stick and heal – something nearly impossible to accomplish during cold, wet months.

Drain Your Sprinkler System

Drain your sprinklers and other exterior water lines to keep frozen pipes from bursting. You should leave all taps slightly open to relieve pressure. It also helps to run hot water through your interior water lines once every few days when the weather is exceptionally cold.

Handle Yard Waste

Rake your leaves, garden debris, and other yard waste into a large pile. Place the waste in garbage bags and schedule a time for pick-up. Yard debris can get caught in gutters and drains if not removed from your property.

Clean The Drains

On that note, you should clean any storm drains, gutters, or drain pipes. You don’t want yard waste to clog them throughout the winter season.

Roof Problems WinterizeCheck Your Foundation

We highly suggest checking your foundation for proper drainage. Use a yard hose and spray water to ensure it runs away from, and not into, the house. If at any point, water runs toward your home, a little shoveling should do the trick.

Keep Dirt and Wood Away From Your Home

You don’t want dirt or piles of wood to come into contact with the siding on your home. This is an open invitation for terminates, ants, and other destructive insects.

Seal Your Driveway

Before the ground begins to freeze, seal your driveway and walkway cracks. This will keep cement from cracking further.

Select Roofing Consultants

At SRC Select Roofing Consultants, we provide Roof Repair, Roof Installation, and Roof Inspection for both Commercial and Residential Properties. Contact our team today for the Best Roofing Services in Decatur and the Greater Atlanta Area! Winterize your home today.


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