Roof Replacement: Is Summer the best time to replace your roof?

Roof Replacement:  Is Summer the best time to replace your roof?

Nobody ever wants to replace a roof. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, poor initial construction, and the general wear associated with time, roofs do occasionally need a complete roof replacement. The question then becomes, “when is this roof replacement going to happen?” Many people feel that a summer roof replacement is the best possible option (sunnier and longer days, and maybe a vacation during which the replacement can happen), but there are several things worth considering before making a final decision.

To help make the process of summer roof replacement simpler, we have complied the following checklist:

  • Time: A roof doesn’t get rebuilt overnight. Consider that a roof replacement project will take several days or more to complete, and plan accordingly.
  • Noise: We here at SRC work diligently to make sure that our construction will cause you as little inconvenience as possible. That being said, the replacing of a roof is not the quietest of all possible projects. As you make preparations for the replacement, keep in mind the level of noise will be high, so try and schedule those important business meetings for another week.
  • Weather: Even though the summers are relatively dry, it does occasionally rain in our beautiful state. Now, our skilled roofers are more than able to work during downpours, but there are certain points that must be completely dry before any additional work can be done. Therefore, it is best to schedule an appointment for a time where it seems as though the clouds are hiding behind the sun.
  • Heat: The most important of factors, heat can play a powerful role in the replacing of your roof. Do you have the necessary resources to keep yourself properly cooled when the roof comes off your home or office? The Atlanta summers can be cruel, and the last thing you need is a week in the 100s with no roof over your head. There is also the possibility that extreme heat will require the roofers to take a day or so away from the job due to safety concerns.
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