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When it comes time to repair, replace, or build a new roof on your home in the Greater Atlanta area, choosing the perfect company to do the job can be tricky. One of the biggest considerations is without a doubt the cost of the project.  Because most people do not have thousands of dollars lying around that they can dump into a project, money often dictates who will perform the job.  Looking at the available options, sometimes it seems like a standard repair person can do the samejob as a professional roofer for only a fraction of the cost.  While in some cases this may be true, the old adage applies – You Get What You Pay For.  There are several factors which set a professional apart from a simple repairman. For instance, SRC/ Select Roofing Consultants from Decatur Georgia,

  •  Are experts in Roof Replacement and Repair because that is what they have done day in and day out for over 20 years.
  •  SRC is licensed, bonded and insured, so you can rest assured the project will be done right and above Standard.
  •  Are trained in proper disposal and installation, so all local and regional environmental laws and regulations are followed.
  • Are dependable and efficient, because they know the ins and outs of the trade to make the job go smoothly, while providing quality.

While a simple repairman could be cheaper, roofing, is an area that requires expertise and professionalism. SRC provides great value.

The following list of issues  outline only some of the areas that could be a direct result from a badly installed roof:

  • Water leaking through the tiles.
  • Structural weakness leading to life-threatening danger during harsh weather.
  • Poor climate regulation (i.e. letting in the hot air in the summer and the freezing air in the winter).
  • Fast aging resulting in a premature need to repair the roof.

Why is it that the professionals can do such a superior job? Again, it’s training and experience as well as good Management and leadership.

Here at SRC, all of our roofers are highly qualified with years of on the job experience, directly supervised by the owner Anthony Bulcher.  If there is one thing they know well, it is roofs.  The other key asset to hiring a professional company is the access to the all the premier roofing brands, such as IKO, TAMKO, GAF, Air Vent INC.and CertainTeed, making our finished products some of the most durable on the market, while providing a brand choice.Whether you are looking to repair your roof and / or need the perfect roof for your estate, SRC is the Atlanta area’s best choice for quality roofing.  Commercial roofing is another available service provided and all qualifications and insurance needs are met.

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