Which Roof Shingles are right for your home?

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There are several different factors to consider when thinking about which new roof shingles are right for your home. First you should consider how much exposure it will get to the elements (are you in a windy rural area or downtown Atlanta), how long you expect to own the property, initial cost versus energy savings, and warranties and other guarantees. Upfront costs as opposed to future replacement costs are also factors to consider.

Roof ShinglesFor inexpensive roof shingles that are very water resistant, asphalt is a good choice. These roofing tiles are easy to install and repair and hold up well in inclement weather. Shingles made from terra cotta and clay are great for temperature regulation and they have a very distinctive look. They are light and reflect the sun’s rays away from the roof to keep inside temperatures down during those hot Atlanta summers. They are very durable and animals cannot chew through them.
Concrete is also a good choice for cooler inside temps as it takes longer for concrete tiles to absorb heat. They can also be purchased in lighter colors to further repel sunlight. Slate tiles are heavy duty, long lasting and tend to age well. They are a more expensive choice for new shingles, however, and that may be a deterrent for those with a limited budget. Metal roofs are quite cheap by comparison. Many homeowners do not appreciate the look of a metal roof which is why they are typically used for out buildings like garages and storage sheds. They do reflect light well, however, and they cool down fast.
Composite roof shingles made with a mix of different synthetic materials can give the look of a more expensive shingle while remaining relatively inexpensive. They look good but they won’t last as long, despite being water resistant.
So, in the end it really depends on the individual tastes and budget. The good thing to know is there is quite an array of choices for new shingles that vary in look, price and durability, and we at Select Roofing Consultants can help you determine the best roof shingle for your project.
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