What is the Shingle Repair Process?

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SRC Explains the Shingle Repair Process

Maintaining Your Home During All Seasons

Curb Appeal Shingle Repair ProcessFor many homeowners, the start of spring means the beginning of potentially serious roof problems. Get into the habit of inspecting your roof before and after every season to prevent serious damage and major build-ups. In this particular article, we’re going to discuss the Shingle Repair Process

Shingles are often an essential part of your roof, separating you from the elements. Slate shingles (the most common form) can last between eight and ten years. If your shingles have reached their half-life or beyond, we suggest inspecting your roof every few months for possible shingle damage. 

What happens when you find broken or fallen shingles? That’s when the Shingle Repair Process begins – and we’re going to walk you through it. 

Catching Red Flags

The Shingle Repair Process starts when you catch one or more red flags. Common signs of shingle damage include:

  • Curled Shingles. These can be a sign of an aging roof system and/or excessive heat. These shingles are apt to break under slight pressure from wind and ice. 
  • Missing Shingles. This is an obvious sign of damage. Shingles can break away from your roof after physical damage from excessive wind or extreme age. The Shingle Repair Process should start immediately after shingles begin to break off.
  • Broken Shingles. This is also a sign of extreme wear and tear. Fortunately, a few broken shingles may not require a complete roof replacement or excessive repair.
  • Buckled Shingles. This occurs when shingles are visibly distorted by age, dampness, or wind. They are susceptible to extreme weather and should be treated as soon as possible.

If these red flags are absent, your shingles are likely in good shape. You should also check for damaged flashing around skylights, details, stacks, and chimneys to ensure your home is prepared for the cold season.

Ordering a DiagnosisSave Your Roof Roof Problems Shingle Repair Process

Once you’ve captured a red flag or two, the time has come to contact a team of professionals. You can call SRC Select Roofing Consultants at (404)-863-2598 or schedule an appointment online

During our Roof Inspection Process, we’ll determine what options you can take to improve the state of your roof and further protect your home this season. We take into account your home insurance coverage, your budget, and your preferred course of action.

Choosing a Treatment Plan

Once we’ve finished our inspection of your home, we’ll sit down and present available treatment options. You can feel free to choose the option that works best for your needs and preferences. 

General treatment options offered by our team include:

  • Roof Repair. During this process, we repair the portions of your roof that have faced significant damage, whether minor or major. We use primary, quality materials for an effective fix.
  • Roof Replacement. During this process, we completely remove and replace your roof using a requested material. You do not have to replace your roof with the same material already installed. Again, we use quality materials that will last for a guaranteed period of time.

Once we finish a diagnosis and determine whether roof repair or roof replacement is right for your home, we’ll start the physical Shingle Repair Process. This process could take anywhere from one day to one week or more, depending on the size of the project.

Continuing Ongoing Maintenance

Once we’ve finished our work, you’ll need to take action to keep your roof in tip-top shape for as long as possible. Start by completing inspections every six months and repairing minor issues as needed. Much like allowing a stain to set on the carpet, allowing roof problems to persist can create a far more significant problem that requires serious attention from a team of professionals.

Our Team of Roofing Consultants

SRC Select Roofing Consultants is a Georgia-Based Roofing Contractor in the Greater Atlanta Area with more than 25 years of roofing experience in the community. We specialize in Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, Roof Maintenance, and Roof Inspection. We can often be found working on Residential and Commercial buildings with a high level of expertise.

Call our team or request an appointment to learn more about our services today! Visit our Facebook Page and Google Plus Account to stay updated.

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