7 Roofing Facts You Didn’t Know

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Roofing Facts You Didn’t Know

If you aren’t a professional roofing contractor, it can be difficult to compile useful roofing facts to help in frustrating situations. For example, when should you have your roof inspected? How often should your roof be replaced or repaired? What kind of roofing materials are available in your area? And, most importantly, who can you trust to keep your roof in great condition? We’re going to answer all of these questions and more.

1. Consistent Inspection is Essential

Too often, we don’t know we have a roofing problem until the crisis has already hit. Whether you have a small roof leak, an infestation, or missing shingles, frequent roof inspections are the only way to assure yourself that your family is living under a safe roof. Inspections should be conducted once or twice per year, depending on your home and the weather. While the weather in Atlanta is usually quite mild, you may want to have your roof inspected in the early spring and the late fall – the bookends to the winter season. Select Roofing Consults offer inspections in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Roofing tips for maintaining and caring for your roof - SRC Select Roofing Consults 2. You Can Inspect Your Own Roof

You don’t always have to hire an independent roofing contractor to inspect your roof, though we highly suggest it. To determine whether a professional is necessary, look for common signs of roof damage. Signs that your home needs Roof Leak Repair include water stains, dripping, exterior spots, mossy or moldy growth, and missing shingles. Other red flags include curled or cracked shingles, wet shingles (on a dry day), shingle granules in gutters, significant wear and tear, blistering exterior paint, stains, leaks, sags, and high energy bills. You can spot the majority of these warning signs without professional assistance – but you’ll want to contact a local roofing contractor if one or more of these issues appear in your personal inspection. In Atlanta, we can help! 

3. Leaks Aren’t Always Visible

You’ll find that leaks aren’t always located in bright, visible spaces. Leaks can take place in your attic or sunroom. They can seep into shingles and drywall, doing hundreds of dollars in damage before a drop ever reaches the floor. Spend some time looking up in your home. Do you notice any odd, drooping spots or discoloration? If so, contact a team of professionals as soon as possible. You don’t want roof leaks to progress.

4. There Are MANY Roofing Materials Available

No – you don’t have to use a standard shingled roof. That’s perhaps the most interesting of our roofing facts. You can invest in something more stylish, personalized, or eco-friendly. You want to consider whether the material will require special framing, whether you can find the material in the right color and style, whether it meets local fire codes, and whether it performs well. We also suggest considering the cost, warranty, and lifespan of the material. Common roofing materials include asphalt shingles, clay or concrete tiles, metal roofing, slate, wood shingles, shake, and synthetic roofing products.

5. Choosing to Replace Your Roof Can Be Difficult

When the time comes to replace your roof, where should you start? Time has a useful article on the topic. In the article, the author suggests shopping around, stripping away old layers, choosing “upscale” materials, and reading your contract carefully. We agree on material choice – the more you invest in your roof, the longer your roof will last (and the fewer complications you’ll face).

Roofing Facts Roofing Materials in Atlanta and Marietta from SRC - Select Roofing Consults

6. Roofing Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Unexpected roof repair doesn’t need to break the bank. Many local roofing contractors will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that you get the best possible deal. 

7. Choosing a Local Roofing Company Changes Everything

When you choose a local roofing company, you choose quality. The roofer is close to your home and prepared to be invested. Big-name companies might have low prices, but there’s nothing like working hand-in-hand with a local professional with a reputation of integrity and quality work.

In Closing

SRC Select Roofing Consultants is an independent roofing company based in the Greater Atlanta Area. We have served the State of Georgia for more than twenty-five years. Our experts take great pride in their work on roof repair, roof replacement, roofing facts, and roof inspection for both commercial and residential buildings. Visit our blog for more useful roofing tips. You can schedule an appointment with our team online or by calling (404)-863-2598

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