Top 5 Ways to Prevent Major Roof Repairs

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Top 5 Ways to take care of your Roof in Georgia and prevent major “Roof Repairs”

How To Prevent Major Roof Repairs!

If you don’t want to destroy your roof and want to prevent major roof repairs, read our top 5 ways to take care of your roof, and avoid repairs to your roof. One of the major problems when considering how to take care of your roof is tree debris. Another main issue is storms from the winter, and many other issues. The sun is starting to shine and it’s time to take care of your roof. Follow our tips on how to take care of your roof. You will have a long lasting beautiful roof that will protect your home and family.

take care of your roof

In order to take care of your roof cleaning gutters and your roof surface during the summer time will help you maintain your roof

Roof Maintenance Tips: Take Care of Your Roof and prevent unnecessary  Roof Repairs

  1. CLEAN: All kinds of debris will end up collecting in all the nooks and crannies in your roof from the winter, especially leaves. Leaves and pine needles, poise the most danger on your roof when they are left on the roof. The leaves will dry, and then get wet again. Underneath the leaves you could be leaving a disaster on your roof. The leaves will trap moisture in the roof, which could lead to leaks. Make sure that you clean your roof at a minimum of quarterly, if you live in a wooded or treed area. Roof Repairs can be costly and simple tips like these can help prevent them.
  2. Inspect the flashing: First you need to know what flashing is. Flashing is It’s a thin layer of waterproof material that keeps water from getting into places it doesn’t belong. Make sure that the flashing is in tact and there is no leaking or holes, or peeling. Checking the flashing will ensure the longevity of your roof and will help to keep roof leaks at bay.
  3. Clean, inspect and secure the gutters: gutters full of debris will make water not flow through the gutters. When there is no place for the water to go on the roof, it will collect and eat away at the wood and roof shingles near the gutters. Avoid rotting and keep those gutters clean and you will have a roof that stands the test of time, without any pre-mature roof repairs.
  4. Take Care of your landscaping: If trees around your home get out of control, they can wreak havoc on your home. Trimming and pruning trees that overhang around the roof will help your roof maintain its beauty. And the purpose of the roof: PROTECTION. When there are too many weak branches that reach over the roof it is a roof disaster waiting to happen. One strong storm will break one of those branches, which inevitably will rip through your roof and end up in your living room. You will have no choice but to get a new roof. Protect your roof and take care of your roof and keep on your roof maintenance.
  5. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: If you are ever in doubt or don’t know how to take care of your roof, consider hiring a professional roofer. A professional roofer will ensure that your roof stands the test of time.


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