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What to Expect When You Are Building a Home

NEW CONSTRUCTION roofingBuilding your own home is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. From the foundation to the ceiling, each inch of this new building is something that reflects you and your personality and your passion, and the excitement this understandably causes is overwhelming. By the time you get the last few finishing touches, you might very well be willing to skimp over some of the final stages just so you can begin living in your dream come true. Your home of course needs a new roof. That’s where Select Roofing Consultants of Decatur comes in for all your roofing needs.

Atlanta is a great place to build a home and the climate is mild most year around.

While we certainly understand, at SRC/ Select Roofing Consultants wants to make sure that you receive the absolute top quality in the roofing department, so when you put the lid on your house, you can feel free of all worry or concern.

Some of the things you can expect from our new construction roofing residential service are:

•    Clean Up: We make sure that each piece of material that isn’t a part of your new roof is loaded back up into the truck and disposed of properly.

•    Venting: Ensuring that your home is properly ventilated is a surefire way to keep mold from growing throughout your house and creating a potential health hazard.

•    Copious and Intensive Inspections: It is our job—and our pleasure—to ensure that you are living under the best of all possible roofs, and for this reason we accompany each of our roof installations with numerous checks and inspections.

•    Errors & Omissions Insurance: We’ll never leave a jobsite where the client isn’t 100% satisfied. When you hire SRC, you’re hiring a team of dedicated professional who are there to make sure you get exactly the product you ordered.

These are a few of the primary questions that we resolve with little or no trouble from you. If you wish to learn more about our offerings, call us now at (404) 863-2598.

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