3 Tips To Maintain Your Roof in Georgia

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Maintain Your Roof To Prevent Unnecessary   Expenses Down The Road

Maintain your roof and you will see the reward in the long run. If you properly maintain your roof, it will last longer and you will prevent unnecessary additional expenses in the future. Many homeowners and commercial building owners neglect the suggested maintenance and cleanings necessary in this climate, which then causes damage to the roof and sometimes the inside of the home and/or building. The repairs needed at that point can far exceed the cost of the scheduled maintenance.

Maintain Your Roof in Georgia SRC is Atlanta’s Roofing Choice for Residential and Commercial Roofing Projects

Georgia weather is everything except predictable. One minute it’s raining, and in the 60’s and the next day, it’s sunny and in the 40’s. Summers are humid and hot. Which is why “Hotlanta” is a perfect reference to Georgia’s Capital City. All jokes aside the climate come with some issues including mold, and, algae. 



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We live in a humid area of the country and, you may have seen roofs with dark streaks on them. Asphalt shingle roofs can easily accumulate dirt, mold, or mildew, but the #1 Culprit seems to be Blue Green Algae spread by airborne spores. The algae growth itself does not physically harm the roof, but the stains are unattractive and certainly do not help the curb appeal of your home. The algae and dirt can also hide defective shingles and cause a roof leak. 

 Inconsistent weather patterns in Georgia can be problematic when it comes to home and building maintenance. It is necessary as a homeowner and or Commercial property owner to know how to prevent roof damage. Depending on the brand, warranty and what type of shingles you have the required maintenance varies. You can usually find maintenance requirements on the paperwork for your roof and home in the buyer’s contract.  The best way to find out what type of roof you have is by calling a local roof inspector and for a low fee, you can get the rundown on how to maintain your roof properly in this type of climate. Your local professional should also be able to tell you the pros and cons of your type of roofing shingle, craftsmanship, brand, and the roof life expectancy on your roof.

Roof - Local Roofing in Altanta requires an awesome company

The best way to find out what type of roof maintenance your roof requires is by calling a local roof inspector and for a low fee, you can get the rundown on how to maintain your roof properly in this type of climate. 

Your local roof inspector should also be able to tell you the pros and cons of your type of roofing shingle, craftsmanship, brand, and typical roof replacement time frame for your roof. A true professional can also point out small facts you may not know about your type of roof. The point is, you should not climb your own roof to try to save a few hundred dollars trying to inspect your roof unless you are a licensed roofer. 

#1 Tip – Maintain Your Roof – Don’t Play Roofer

Roof Safety by SRC Roofing Estimate

Last you checked you were employed as a Computer Analyst, Doctor, Lawyer, Consultant, Coder, Teacher, or you may even be a Retiree. Why do you feel it is safe or smart, to climb your roof after watching one YouTube Video about how to inspect, maintain,  and clean your roof.

All Jokes aside, even if you are a talented self appointed “Do it yourself fanatic”, roofing is different from painting your walls or taking out old laminate floors. Roofing comes with a few dangerous elements. For one, most roofs are slanted, and you probably did not go to purchase specifically designed slip proof roofing shoes. Two, you have no clue what exactly to look for when it comes to differentiating mold from mildew or dirt from age. You also do not know which shingles are in bad condition, until you step on one and you start falling backward. No, seriously, leave the professional roofing to a professional roofer and if you insist on cleaning your roof , then at least hire a Roof Inspector to do the initial inspection on your roof. Roofers usually take pictures of damaged shingles, algae or mold and can give you a better idea of what to face and what you need to do to maintain your roof.  Oh, and your kids will follow your suit. One day I popped out after a DIY project I had no business even trying to complete on my own, I stepped outside to get some air, and there were my children lining up step ladders to investigate the roof. 

#2 Tip – Maintain Your Roof – Hire a Professional

You will save money by creating a solid relationship with a local roofer that can provide you with a roof inspection, maintain your roof, perform repairs, and replace the roof when needed, Make sure that the Roofer you choose is licensed and insured in the state of Georgia. 

#3 Tip – Maintain Your Roof – Purchase a Maintenance Plan 


Save Money by purchasing a monthly maintenance plan with a local roofer. Often you can negotiate with a local reputable roofer and commit to a semi-annual inspection, cleaning and preventive maintenance. Signing a short-term agreement may be a good idea, and though it may require a low monthly fee, it will obligate you and the roofing company to follow through on all scheduled maintenance and prevent longterm damage.

In Closing

SRC Select Roofing Consultants is a privately owned Georgia Based Roofing Company. We have served the State of Georgia for more than twenty-five years and offer Commercial and Residential Roofing. We are licensed and ommissions insured so that we can help homeowners and commercial building owners as well. Like us on Facebook at Select Roofing Consultants. We take great pride in our work  Read our latest blogs for more useful roofing tips. If you are in need of a local Roofing Company in Atlanta Georgia, look no further! We can provide it all, please feel free to contact us online or by phone at  (404)-863-2598 and speak to Anthony Bulcher.



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