Local Roofing Company Provides Tips To Maintain A Healthy Roof!

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Tips From Your Local Roofing Company!

Dependable Local Roofing Contractors are hard to find! We love sharing information with our local Atlanta Community! 

While we enjoy repairing rooftops for residential and commercial communities in and around Atlanta, Georgia our Local Roofing team likes to share information that can help home and business owners maintain their roofs to assure longevity. Even at affordable prices, roof repair and roof replacement are usually unexpected expenses that are never welcome and can hit you hard if you aren’t prepared.

Dependable Roofing Contractor

To eliminate avoidable roofing problems, follow these seven roof maintenance tips and tricks:

1. Inspect your roof at least twice each year. (Commercial Properties and age of the current roof might dictate a different schedule) 

Your roof should be manually or professionally inspected during the spring and fall months at the minimum. However, with all the storms we have had, lately, it might be necessary to have an inspection done more often. If you notice any of these warning signs, immediate action should be taken to prevent further damage. Since we really don’t want you on the roof, our suggestion is to create a relationship with a local roofer that can offer inspections at a flat rate for a specific amount of visits per year. Local independent roofing contractors are usually suggested because they tend to have little turnover in personnel and are trustworthy. Check on the length of time a company has been around and also ask about Owner involvement. Social media is a great place to find out if a roofer is currently actively marketing their business, and if they have a local presence and a local phone number. The first thing a legitimate inspector will do is provide you with their identification, and a Business License Number for the company they’re employed with if that is what you request. Often the Truck they drive in also has a business license number. Check their local references as well. Often brand name companies that appear to be local, are not local. 1-800# are also an indicator that the company might just have sub contractors that work in each state. 

These are some of the things your Local Roofing Company should be checking for.

  • Missing, damaged, or curling shingles
  • Signs of fungus or algae
  • Indications of rust on metal areas
  • Cracked mortar or caulking
  • Damaged flashing
  • Signs of leaking, such as dark spots, mold, or dampness

If your roof starts to collect moss or algae, they can install zinc or lead control strips. If rust is present, the roofing contractor can wire brush, prime, and paint the afflicted metal area. If flashing is damaged, they will remove the old caulk and reseal the area. If cracked mortar is found, it gets sealed

Handling these issues at least very six months will prevent unnecessary roof damage. Of course, if your roof is over 15 years old, a dependable roofing company may need to keep a close eye on re-roofing (replacing your roof)

Dependable Local Roofing Contractor

2. Remove debris from your roof.

Debris such as leaves, sticks, and small tree limbs can damage your roof. They can also encourage moss or algae growth – or even a wood rot! We suggest having the debris  removed each time you clean your gutters, (or have them cleaned), which should be done every four to six months. This process should take place more often during bad weather months. (Atlanta Roofing can be very challenging.) 

3. Clean your gutters or hire a Local Roofing Company to clean them for you!

Nobody enjoys cleaning their gutters, but keeping them spotless during heavy leaf seasons will improve the health of your roof and eliminate the danger of excess moisture. As you clean your gutters, ( or have them cleaned), have them check for gaps in the seams and make sure that each bracket is secured. While the gutter cleaning is being conducted it might be an optimal time to explore other possible roof maintenance issues, such as pests or leaks.


If you own a commercial building, make sure that whoever you decide to hire has the proper license, experience, and insurance. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY GO WITH THE OFFICE PARK’S LOCAL ROOFING COMPANY WITHOUT KNOWING THEIR QUALIFICATIONS &  PERMISSIONS AS IT RELATES TO YOUR COMMERCIAL BUILDING.

Dependable Local Roofing Contractor

4. Trim foliage hanging over your rooftop.

When tree limbs hang over your roof, pests are encouraged to make nests. If you see signs of small animals or termites, take immediate steps to remove them. They can cause serious damage to your roof by creating a home on it – or by taking materials to make a nest elsewhere. You can catch pests by listening carefully inside the house. Do you hear scratching, running, or jumping on your rooftop?

5. Make sure all possible leak sources are flashed properly.

Frequent entry points for leaks should be inspected regularly. Flashing covers vents, exhaust pipes, and chimneys. If you or your roofing company find bending or punctures in the flashing, it likely needs to be removed, cleaned, and resealed. If you allow leaks to continue, your roof could incur severe damage, especially if moisture is allowed to collect.

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6. Repair leaks quickly.

As we mentioned earlier, roof leaks will always get worse.  If you are concerned with finances, get a loan or open a 0% credit card. Roof leaks will never get better unless you take action. You can either invest in a  Dependable Roofing Contractor, or you can repair the leak manually. We suggest hiring an experienced team for leak repairs since a poor repair job can make a leak far worse. Check on your insurance contract 

7. Pay attention to warning signs.

Common warning signs that your roof needs maintenance include the sound of hail or severe storms, rodents in your attic, rooftop leaks, or shingles on the ground. The general rule of thumb is, although roof repair is expensive, it becomes more expensive the longer you wait to fix it. For this reason, you should maintain your roof regularly throughout the year.


In addition to these tips, you should also avoid power washing your roof and walking on your roof. Walking can damage shingles or tiles. Power washing can remove more than just debris and algae – it can also remove perfectly healthy shingles. CHECK YOUR INSURANCE POLICY SEMI ANNUALLY AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD POLICY FOR ATLANTA WEATHER CONDITIONS WITH A LOW DEDUCTABLE!

Our list of tips MAY help you eliminate future roofing problems. Consider hiring our team at SRC Select Roofing Consultants and choose us as your Local Roofing Contractor in the Atlanta area. Fall is getting closer, which means your next scheduled Roof Inspection should be right around the corner.

We’ve been a trusted dependable roofing company in the Atlanta area for more than twenty-five years.  We are privately owned and operated by Anthony Bulcher and we take great pride in serving the local Georgia area, for both Commercial and Residential Customers. Check us out on FB or Linkedin. We are always offering savings for our local residential clientele. 

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