5 Signs You Need Local Roof Repair and Replacement

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5 Signs You Need Local Roof Repair and Replacement

Let’s face it; your roof has been through the wringer. And why not? It’s responsible for protecting yourself and your family from storms, wind, and season changes. The least you can do is supply a healthy amount of Local Roof Repair and Replacement when the time comes. Fortunately, Select Roofing Consultants is here to help!

But how do you know when, exactly, the time has come for professional assistance? Here are five signs you need Local Roof Repair and Replacement — and fast!

Your Current Roof is Getting Old

Even the strongest roofing material must be replaced after a certain amount of time. The vast majority of shingle roofing, for example, requires complete replacement after 10 years. Stronger materials like stone or cement may have a lifespan of 20 years or more. When you move into a new home or building, it’s important to gather as much information about the age of your roof as possible. That way, a Local Roof Repair, and Replacement Company will be able to draw up a fair and appropriate estimate of the work you need to be completed.

You Need Local Roof Repair and Replacement- Roofing Company in the greater Atlanta area- Select Roofing Consultants SRC


You’re Interested in a New Look

Maybe you don’t need a new roof — but you’re dying to experiment when something sleek, new, and daring. Much of the work completed by Local Roof Repair and Replacement Specialists is voluntary on the part of the property owner. These experts are prepared to educate you about the latest trends in roofing; introduce those trends to your home or business.

Your Roof is Showing Signs of Wear-and-Tear

There are common signs of wear-and-tear that will help you spot when your roof requires immediate repair. These signs include:

  • Curled, cracked, or absent shingles
  • Dark, dirty, or wet shingles
  • A healthy amount of shingle granules in the gutter
  • Wear-and-tear around openings
  • Blistering or peeling exterior paint
  • Staining on interior ceiling or walls (often from leaks)
  • Open leaks after a storm

If you recognize these signs on your property, contact a roofing expert as soon as possible.

You Need Local Roof Repair and Replacement- Roofing Company in the greater Atlanta area- Select Roofing Consultants SRC

Your Energy Bills Are Too High

The choice to replace a roof isn’t always about fashion, wear-and-tear, or lifespan. Sometimes, it’s about money — more specifically, saving it. Some roofing materials are susceptible to releasing hot or cold air, depending on the season. It’s often worth switching materials if it means lowering an expensive energy bill.

Your Roof Has Been The Victim of a Natural Disaster

Your roof is expected to protect you from normal wind and rain — but how well can it protect you from tornados or severe storms? While the state of Georgia has a relatively mild climate, it’s always possible that your roof could suffer from a natural disaster. Even if you don’t recognize obvious signs of wear-and-tear, contact an expert immediately for a complete inspection following severe weather.

Contact a Local Roof Repair and Replacement Expert

At Select Roofing Consultants, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of Local Roof Repair and Replacement. To learn more about our services — which include repair, replacement, and inspection on both commercial and residential properties — contact our team by calling (404)-863-2598. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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