How to Keep Your Atlanta Roof Safe in the Summer

For most, summer is the optimum time for roof maintenance. According to experts, the warm and rainy weather exposes leaks and other roof problems. You’ll start to notice issues in the springtime – by summer, you should have them fixed. Otherwise, you could be facing the significant cost of replacing your roof altogether.

This process can leave you with a solid, new roof (especially when you work with SRC) – but it can also be prevented with proper maintenance and care. Replacing your roof is a decision that you should be able to make willingly, rather than in the event of an emergency. It requires careful planning and preparation.

Your first step after winter clears the air should be to check for signs of damage around your home. Far too many homeowners don’t notice the problem until it becomes a interior issue. Once you’ve reached this point, it’s too late. A quick walk-around of your home should tell you if you have any serious damage. Guttering spaces might have broken shingles or cracks – this can cause flooding inside your home. In order to determine whether or not this is a problem, you’ll need to use a ladder to reach your roof. Review all gutter spaces, and take note of cracks and fallen shingles.

If you aren’t comfortable climbing up yourself – no worries! Select Roofing Consultants is here to help. Our expert team can assess damage and provide an estimate for your convenience. We take our customers very seriously. We want your home to be safe, and we want you to be comfortable. You can learn more about our roof inspection process here.

Other steps in the process of maintaining your roof for the summer season should include cleaning all gutters and drains (eliminating small items such as leaves and twigs – which can collect quickly and lead to a blockage of water flow), as well as checking for the accumulation of shingle material. If you notice excessive shingle material, your roof needs to be inspected immediately.

Summer roof maintenance also requires checking your home’s ventilation system – which ensures the entire structure remains dependable over a long period of time. It might help to look at your cooling bills on a monthly basis. If your costs are consistently rising, there might be problems with the insulation of your roof. Any unusual trends should be brought to the attention of a roof inspector as soon as possible.

Since we’re used to strong storms and wind in Atlanta, it’s especially important to check on your roof after each serious storm system. SRC takes pride in the strength of our roofs, and their ability to withstand the weather conditions of Georgia summers – but not every company is the same. After each storm, you should look for shingles that have fallen from your roof and onto the surrounding yard. If you find some, inspect your roof or call us for a free inspection.

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