Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

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Winterize Your Home Atlanta

Top Ten Items to Check Off Your To-Do List Today Before Winter Hits

Although we know Atlanta, or “HotLanta” tends to be a balmy state, we don’t always consider what could happen to our weather in an instant.  If your home is unprepared, then your home may be subject to a ton of headaches, none that we think you want to experience.

Georgia is ranked 7th in the nation for precipitation, ensuring that our roofs are in pristine conditions is critical in ensuring that your home stays immaculate.

Follow our checklist and ensure that your home makes it through our wet winter.

Roof damage

  1. Store or cover outdoor furniture, toys and grill.
  2. Inspect the roof for loose, damaged or missing pieces. Contact your local roofing company for assistance
  3. Caulk joints and minor cracks on exterior walls and siding.
  4. Look for deteriorating finishes. Minor problems can be patched to preserve the wood. Put bigger jobs, such as scraping and refinishing painted or stained areas, on the calendar for next spring or early summer.
  5. Drain and shut off sprinkler systems and other exterior water lines to avoid frozen and broken pipes.
  6. Leave all taps slightly open.
  7. Rake and compost leaves and garden debris, or put out for yard-waste pickup.
  8. Clean storm drains, gutters and other drain pipes.
  9. Check the foundation for proper drainage. To do this, spray yard with a hose to see if water runs away from the house. A little shoveling to reshape the earth next to the house may make the water run away from the foundation.
  10. Make sure dirt or piles of wood don’t come into contact with or touch siding, inviting termites and carpenter ants into the house.
  11. Seal driveway and walkway cracks, if needed, before ground freezes regularly.


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