Inspecting Your Roof for Damage

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When Should You Have Your Roof Inspected in the Atlanta Area?

As the seasons change, we get more severe weather patterns. If your roof has damages, we urge you to hire a Qualified Local Roofer. Bad storms can worsen your roof and affect the integrity of your home. Things like” leaks, overflowing gutters, and lost shingles” are effects of winter rain and snow. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Have an Atlanta roofer do a routine check and maintenance to confirm that your roof is in order

Damaged roofs can develop leaks, growths, suffer cracks, and so much more from bad storms. Worse, if you wait until during these times to get a replacement, it cost more because the roof replacement takes longer and is more dangerous. 

If you arent sure if there is damage, we have some tips for how to efficiently inspect your roof. We always recommend that if you are inspecting your roof, you have the qualifications to do so. If you arent comfortable climbing up and walking around your roof, please hire a local Georiga roofer. 

Inspecting Your Roof for Damage-When Should You Have Your Roof Inspected in the Atlanta Area_- SRC Select Roofing Consultants

What Are Some Good Tips for Inspecting Your Roof 

  • Look out for damaged shingles and warped flashing and other problems that could “lead to mold, leaks, and rot.” 
  • Check for and treat pest infestations, such as termites, by having a pest control expert come out to your home. 
  • Moss build-up can lift the shingles of your roof and trap moisture that eventually damages the shingles and causes rot. Keep your roof moss free!
  • If your gutters are sagging, they are likely overflown and need cleaning. If they get heavy enough, they’ll probably fall off and allow water to fall “freely along the foundation of your home.”

“Roof damage can happen gradually over time and go unnoticed, especially if you don’t carry out” regularly inspecting your roof. If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather there are many ways it can impact your roof. 

How to Inspect for Wind Damage: 

” The most common cause of roof damage in residential and commercial structures”. Strong winds cause roof tiles and shingles to become loose and fall off. “Leaving your home susceptible to leaks and other dangers.” We highly recommend you have your roof inspected after an especially windy storm. 

Don’t Let Trees Damage Your Roof

“If your home is in the vicinity of any large trees, you’re at a higher risk of possible property damage when a storm hits. Your roof faces the greatest risk of damage from broken branches, debris or falling trees due to strong storm winds.”

Inspecting your Roof’s Downspouts

“They should be clean with a clear area around their outlets. Do your downspouts just dump water to pool around the house? Or are they routed downhill to drain into a more appropriate location? Are they directed at a neighbor’s?”

Inspecting Your Roof for Damage-When Should You Have Your Roof Inspected in the Atlanta Area_- SRC Select Roofing Consultants

If You Need a Roof Inspection, It’s Time to Contact SRC

Find out how long your roof has left, any repairs that need to be done, and what it would cost you. We are competitive, and our owners follow the project from beginning to end. Contact Us Today or Book your an Appointment Below.

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