The Importance of Shingle Repair and Maintenance

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If you’re a new homeowner, or even a homeowner who hasn’t yet experienced problems with your roofing, you probably aren’t familiar with the importance of proper shingle repair and maintenance. We’re going to warn you – it’s probably time to learn.

How We Can Help

Luckily, we’re here to provide necessary assistance. At Select Roofing Consultants, we serve the greater Atlanta area and provide roof inspections and replacements that rival all of our serious competitors. When it comes to our customers, we’re family. We respect your space, your roof, and your wallet – by working closely with your needs, no matter what the time frame, and no matter what the budget. In our mind, it’s our job to give you a home that feels secure and safe for your family. That’s the important thing.

You can help us achieve that goal by learning more about shingle repair and maintenance. Shingles are an important part of any roof, but many standard shingles don’t hold up to the elements – especially in and around Atlanta, Georgia, where we face thunderstorms, windstorms, and winters that have the potential to greatly damage a poorly structured roof. Damage done to shingles can create an overall discoloration, and a complete lack of protection against water damage.

Water damage can, and will, lead to roof leaks – and that’s something you want to avoid, no matter what the cost. Roof leaks can be patched up, but several roof leaks in one home can mean an entirely new roof. Thus, improper shingle repair can be a slippery slope that eventually leads to roof replacement. Though we provide excellent roof replacement at Select Roofing Consultants, we like to prevent major problems before they occur.

Shingle Repair and Materials

To help you along the way, we’re going to provide some additional information about common shingle types, and how you can care for them.

Asphalt shingles are our specialty, and they are often valued greatly by homeowners because they are both inexpensive and effective. Most asphalt shingles will last ten years, and they come in a variety of colors.

Metal shingles are a different story, but they’re also one of our favorites. They can be helpful for homes with steep roofs that need a large amount of support. Plus, metal shingles look similar to asphalt shingles – while holding up well to cold winters and hot summers.

Slate shingles are another popular option, since they are durable and professional. We like to refer to them as indestructible, as well as unique and visually appealing. We highly recommend these shingles to any homeowner looking to make a long-term investment.

Tile shingles work well on Spanish-inspired homes, providing a unique style and look with a variety of colors. Finally, wood shingles (though less popular in Atlanta) are available for anyone looking to build a retreat-style home with a rustic theme. These present a fire hazard, however, so homeowners should be wary.

For more information, or to set up a free consultation to speak to us about shingle repair on your home, visit our appointment page. You can also read more about our company here, and view our positive reviews here.

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