How To Determine If You Need a New Roof


Most people do not know if they need a new roof or if the existing one can be repaired.

Depending on the installation and materials, a professional roofing job should last between 15-25 years, The type of roof installed originally and weather conditions can either shorten or prolong the life of the roof. Many roofs age prematurely or leak due to improper maintenance, nailing, flashing, or insufficient ventilation just to name a few.

SRC/ Select Roofing is Atlanta’s (and surrounding areas) Roofing Specialist, that is one of the local roofers that can assist you with your roofing repair and/or help you install a New Roof when it is truly necessary.  In some cases, nails will “pop” through the shingles due to the last roofer using pneumatic nail guns that were not able to sink the nails to the proper depth. Because there are roofing companies out there that are either not hiring qualified staff or are not educated themselves when it comes to flashing properly, or they simply cut corners to save time and money.  They will often reuse the existing old flashing and ultimately not properly repair your roof. This technique will certainly fail in time. (We always make sure that our team use proper methods when installing a New Roof or repairing the existing roof). If your chimney, pipe boots, valleys or wall junctions are leaking, a professional roofing team should always give you a proper inspection first ( this should include pictures or videos of your roof), and only then they should advise you if you really need to get a New Roof or repair the one you have.

Choose a local  independent Roofer for your New Roof Install or Repair


Most local Atlanta independent Roofing professionals do not have a 1-800 number and an automated system based in another country. This means you can speak to a human being after calling a local number and you can identify the name and address of this company as a local one.

If your choice is a local roofer to do your New Roof Installment or Roof Repair, make sure they are truly a local independent company that has been in business for more than a decade, and is licensed and insured. You should also check the BBB. If you do this you are most likely safe to proceed with the work.

What references for Roofers should I trust? 

Be careful when checking references, as they should be organic and not immediately prompted by the roofer or a sales person popping up at your door telling you that you need a New Roof after the last storm.  If you have access to google and other search engines, you can check social media sites, such as FB, LinkedIn and Review sites that cannot be manipulated by the company itself.

Why use Social Media and Online Reviews as a reference to choose your local Roofer? 

Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Fly by night companies or travelers are usually not actively posting on social media, nor do they have a solid following on social media with a local address. Facebookand LinkedInare secure platforms for business owners to advertise their services. A local independent Roofing company invests in their social media presence.

A Roofing Company that does not invest in recent articles related to their industry or local social media, is usually not legit, as they are trying to stay under the radar. 


Select Roofing Consultants is the preferred contractor for free-standing Starbucks Stores in the Atlanta and surrounding area! Hardly under the radar!

Don’t be talked into a new roof prior to investigating the roofing company and speaking with the owner or manager directly. Feel free to check us out online and know that SRC-Select Roofing Consultants is insured and qualified for residential roofingand commercial roofing. SRC has been a part of the local community in Decatur-Atlanta for over 20 years and Anthony Bulcher has been the Owner and Manager of Select Roofing Consultants from the start. You can check us out on FB, Google +, LinkedIn and certainly search for reviews about us online. We are a small Boutique Roofing Company, not a franchise and we are personally invested in our clients and their satisfaction. If you need a roof inspection to determine if you need a New Roof or a Roof Repair you can contact us directly at404-863-2598 or you can submit your preferred time for us to visit online.




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