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Curb Appeal is an Important Part of the Initial Impression of Your Home

A new roof is one of the quickest ways homeowners can create curb appeal.  Take a look at your neighborhood and what the homes with the most curb appeal have in common. It is safe to say that most of those homes have fairly new roofs with a great look that matches their home’s exterior. Select Roofing Consultants is one of Atlanta’s most dependable and well known independent companies helping homeowners, builders, and commercial property owners create the curb appeal they desire by adding a high-quality new roof without the inflated costs. At SRC (Select Roofing Consultants)  we are known for quality work, consistent and honest estimates and dependability. We are licensed and insured for residential and commercial roofing in GA.

Curb Appeal

The New Look with CertainTeed’s Amazing Roof Choices

The new look can be created with CertainTeed’s amazing shingle choices. Slate, for example, is a high-quality shingle that combines the classic look and the high quality you desire. Many shingles offer an excellent value without sacrificing the attributes homeowners deserve. Highland Slate, for example, is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and is cost-effective without the required maintenance of original slate.

A New Roof Improves the Value of Your Home – Not Just Curb Appeal

A new roof adds value to a home and makes it way more tempting to potential Homebuyers.A NEW ROOF is an important factor if you plan to put your home on the market. But there is more to it. Driving up to your home and sighing because you are pleased with the Curb Appeal created by adding a beautiful New Roof can be more than gratifying.

The value of a new roof on your home can vary based on a number of factors. According to some of the Homeowner estimates out there, a new roof can add between 20 to 30 percent of the value of your home. So that means your Home and your property value can soar with the addition of a beautiful high-quality roof.  It also indicates that the more your house is worth, the more value it stands to gain by adding a new roof and of course you also get improved energy efficiency. SRC can inspect your Roof to decide if it is a good idea to add a New Roof.

Get More Than Curb Appeal

The new roof can add value to your home is by improving energy efficiency. A new roof that has adequate insulation and is made from efficient materials can prevent hot air from escaping as it rises to the attic,  therefore it can reduce your need for using the heating system, especially on mild Winter days.  This not only saves money but it can help the environment since you’ll use less gas, oil, and electricity to keep your home warm.

SRC Roofing / Select Roofing Consultants loves to assist when it comes to creating Curb Appeal. Whether it is a modern home or traditional home you are trying to improve, SRC can help make that happen. Experience counts when it comes to Roofing and creating the Curb Appeal you desire. Contact Anthony Bulcher at Select Roofing Consultants. Get your initial estimate in and around Atlanta. Book today to find out more. Call 404-863-2598.

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