Things to know when it comes to Roof Replacement

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5 Things You should know prior to committing to Roof Replacement

Has the time come to replace your roof? Are you struggling to get started? Roof replacement, especially for new homeowners, can feel complicated and scary. This guide will help you through it.

Here are 5 things to help you before getting started:

Choose the right material for your climate 

You must choose the proper roofing material for your home. The vast majority of homeowners choose asphalt – a 10-year, relatively easy-to-install material. Other options include wood shingles and shakes, clay or concrete, slate, metal, and synthetic roofing products. Your choice in roofing material should reflect your climate and style preferences. SRC’s professionals are ready to help guide you with your Georgia home and business.

Roof Replacement Roofing Facts

It’s important to choose the right contractor for your Roof Replacement

There’s nothing more important when it comes to replacing your roof as choosing the right roofing company. Some don’t care about customer satisfaction, maybe because they are seasonal workers or maybe because they are not dedicated to the company they work for.  Since you likely won’t need another roof for several years to come, invest in a quality roof and a quality company to go along with the Roof Replacement. SRC is competitively priced and has been serving the local community for 25 years. Anthony Bulcher is the owner and operator and he stays involved in every project. There is little turnover and most of his crew has been with him for many years. 

Because roof replacement can be so dangerous to the workers, your family, and your neighbors, it’s essential to find a licensed and insured, experienced roofing contractor.

If they don’t have an active social media platform, don’t bother.

Sometimes You can choose between layering and stripping 

Many homeowners aren’t aware that, by law, your roof can have two layers of asphalt shingles. If your roof only has one layer before replacement, you can install the new layer on top – saving thousands of dollars on removal. However, this may or may not be a good idea in the Georgia climate. Most of the time the recommendation is to remove all old material, especially if there was damage caused by extreme weather, humidity, or other factors. Also, if you have two layers of roof, you won’t be able to inspect and repair the bottom layer. Sometimes, your home is better off with a single, strong layer. 

When making this decision, consider your current roof. If you have something other than asphalt, like wood shingles or slate, stripping becomes more complex. But leave it up to SRC to recommend the proper process.

Roof Replacement in Atlanta with SRC

Less is not always less!

As in many other things, in roof replacement, you often get exactly what you pay for. If you choose to spend less on roofing material initially you should prepare to replace your roof again in as little as five-8 years. If you choose a top-of-the-line material and brand with a great guarantee and warranty you are covered. Of course, choosing a qualified licensed roofing contractor is also important. Once you choose the proper material only a natural disaster can force you to replace your roof before 12-15 years have passed.

Roof Replacement - Dependable Roofing Contractor

A shockingly high number of homeowners choose less costly materials that provide and an average of five years of coverage. Some do so because the house may be an investment property that they are planning on selling in the near future. Choosing the better quality material will save money in the long run and will also improve the value of the home. 

Family A: Chooses to spend $5,000 on materials and $5,000 on labor. The roof is guaranteed for 5 years. After 30 years, the family will spend $60,000 on roofing.

Family B: Chooses to spend $10,000 on materials and $5,000 on labor. The roof is guaranteed for 10 years. After 30 years, the family will spend $45,000 on roofing.

Family C: Chooses to spend $15,000 on materials and $5,000 on labor. The roof is guaranteed for 15 years. After 30 years, the family will spend $40,000 on roofing.

As you can see, Family C will spend significantly less on roof replacement over a 30 year period. If you have the money to invest upfront do so, if not we recommend getting a low-interest loan to get better durability and longevity. 

Research your Roofing Contractor

Even though roof replacement typically takes a few weeks or less, the process involves money and liability. You’ll need 3 important documents to proceed safely:

  • A building permit for your roofing project, as required by your city council
  • A written contract specifying the agreement between yourself and your contractor
  • A letter from your contractor’s insurance carrier confirming your project is covered

Without these documents, you could find yourself on the hook for thousands of dollars in worker’s compensation and liability costs, should something go wrong.

Contact SRC Select Roofing Consultants for Assistance

At SRC Select Roofing Consultants, our experienced team is prepared to help with roof repair, roof maintenance, and roof replacement. Contact our experts at (404)-863-2598 to schedule an appointment.

With 25 years of experience serving the people of Atlanta and the surrounding areas, we’ve seen everything – and we’re ready to help you make the tough decisions that will define your home for years to come.

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